Camping in Style!

Minnesota/Wisconsin means great outdoors! Thanks to Jeff and Ellen, Ellen’s brother Mark and his wife Jen, we got to do a little taste of what it’s all about at Yellow Lake, Wisconsin! In style, of course, complete with golf carts! 🙂


Gaza Panorama

Went across Gaza for the second time this year, documenting medical mission work and a Christian/Muslim workshop for Living Bread International Church. Such travel makes me realize how self centered most of us are.
The panorama picture below, showing one of the nicer part of the city, is stitched together using 15 pictures and Photoshop.


Isawiya, israel

Isawiya is an Arab village a bit north east of Jerusalem. It’s a stone throw away from the Hebrew University. Some roads are so steep that half the cars can not make it up the hill unless the they get a good start at the bottom and the drivers punch the pedals to the metal!  Goats roam free throughout the valley, eating everything.  Planting a garden is out of question!