Cloud like a Dragon

I was born in the year of the dragon.
This is today’s sunrise after the morning run.
Do you see the dragon?
It’s there; really, it’s there! 




Everest Restaurant, Beit Jala

Artistic shot of the weekend..
All 70+ teachers from our school gathered for a monthly luncheon at the restaurant at the highest peak of the town, appropriately named Everest.
Jordan is about 30 miles away, but it seemed much closer. Perhaps it’s the sun, playing with light, spilling pink on the horizon.
The “cross” on the left, points at Bethlehem. It was not intentional. It is just a part of a broken fence. It seemed to transform itself while editing in the Lightroom.


16:8 Intermittent Fasting

I am a grazer. Whenever there is food around, I eat it, hungry or not. I really should weigh 300+ pounds, but thanks to frequent workouts, I don’t. It’s not enough, however. I always tend to consume more calories than what I burn.
I then read about 16:8 fasting. It sounded gimmicky, but it fit my schedule pretty well, so I decided to give it a shot. That was almost 2 months ago.
So far..
1. I consume fewer calories overall. I can eat only so much in 8 hours per day instead of 16.
2. Fat is melting away; very slowly, but it is definitely going away.
3. I crave weird foods when coming off fast, but not junk foods. Today, I craved peanut butter and banana sandwich, drizzled with cinnamon honey sauce, with a side of avocado sprinkled with soy sauce.


Sun poke by mosque

A view with the Beit Jala security wall behind me.
Notice the sun being poked by the mosque of Aida (Arabic: مخيم عايده‎‎) Refugee Camp.
I just happen to be at the right place at the right time!


Locally Ugly

It has been awhile since I jogged outside, breathing in the crisp morning air.
If you concentrate, you can savor the scent of limestones and olive trees, subtly; you really can.
Many locals do not consider this landscape beautiful, but it really is.


Class of JSB 2018, half of them

This is my favorite shot out of hundreds of “back to the school” pictures taken this week. It might be due to the hue of complementary colors, but most likely, it’s the content.
They are the half of the senior class. I got to know them pretty well, teaching them history last year. It was not easy, but rewarding.
These young men and women come from very different backgrounds than typical American kids. They all have unique stories to tell. There is no doubt that they are going to succeed in life, both in spirit and character.


2017 JSB Staff

The summer break has come and gone. This week was busy participating and capturing photos/videos of the Teacher Orientation at the school where I volunteer, as a media guru and a teacher, and where our kids attend – Jerusalem School of Bethlehem (JSB).
This is a shot of the whole staff on the last day. But wait! If I am in the picture, who took the photo?
Was the camera on the tripod and activated with a remote? No.
Was a drone used? No.
Well, then how? Any guesses?
I left a hint for sharp-eyed observers! 



1973 Dodge Dart Sport 340 4-barrel

Was sorting through some very old pictures and came across this – my FIRST car! – ’73 Dodge Dart Sport 340. I bought it when I was 15, with the money I saved up trapping . It was loud, and it got lousy gas mileage; but it was cool, it was fun. It was my baby. 🙂


Trump Wall Bethlehem

A new graffiti art on the Israel / Bethlehem Barrier wall, about a mile from our apartment. The caption of the second picture reads, “I’m going to build you a brother…”
Is it political or artistic? A lot of both I guess, mixed with a bit of humor.



A man at Hebron

We met an interesting man this afternoon at Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank.
As you can tell by his eyes, he had many stories to tell.
For starters, he has 22 children..