Alternator Blues

It took two trips to the shop, to make the alternator hum again.
Please keep putting out 14 volts, keeping me sane.
A multimeter stays in the car always.
To check the voltage often for coming days.

Things That Matter

Sonnie and I explored Bethany yesterday – you know, the place mentioned in the Bible, where Jesus visited Martha and Mary.
“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered. “You are worried and upset about many things. But few things are needed. Really, only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better. And it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41-42)
Powerful words..


The long weekend assignment for my Yearbook/Photography students was to replicate either a famous photo/painting or a snapshot of their childhood. These are some of the results, shot with their cellphones. Their creativity do not disappoint. They surprise me; they touch me.

replicate copy

Clouds of the Rainy Season

Winters are somewhat brutal here in Beit Jala / Bethlehem since the temperature inside the house isn’t much better than outside (no central heat). On the brighter side, however, the seasonal clouds roll in, which translates to gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Here’s a view from our bedroom window this morning, overlooking Bethlehem.
Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are a distant past. 🙂

Aida Refugee Camp

We visited a family at the Aida Refugee Camp today.  It was nice, which is expected when entering homes of Arabs.  They keep a flock of pigeons on the rooftop, which is not uncommon in Palestine villages.  They are consumed like chickens.  I just wonder if they taste like them as well.  Perhaps we’ll be invited to one of those dinners one day.

Outside the Walls

A walkway at Walworth Barbour American International School near Tel Aviv, Israel. Our school athletes visited here yesterday for a soccer and basketball tournament. It was a privilege for them to visit such a nice area, outside the walls.  It was the nicest school I have ever seen, anywhere.


A view from the front of Jerusalem School of Bethlehem (JSB) this morning – sunny and beautiful. It then got windy, rainy nasty.
It is often quiet before the storm. We just need to take it all, whatever is thrown at us, and think beyond the immediate; long.