Fluid Animation with Maya 3D and Realflow

It has been awhile since I did 3D animation. I am starting again. Here’s a fluid animation using Realflow. I learned a lot about fluid dynamics, import, export, mesh conversion, etc.

Simulated Motion Capture

Gangnam Style craze isn’t dying out anytime soon, especially here in Korea.  Instead of making another parody, which requires a team of dancers, I thought I would animate one in After Effects, tracking each major joint frame-by-frame, much like motion capture.  It took a long time, but the result is interesting.

Technical note:  Plexus plugin was used.  The first frame is a reference frame, showing each dot’s relationship with surrounding dots.

Motion control turntable and 5K video

A friend is in the motion control mechanical business. He wanted me to test a computerized motion control turntable that is going to be used for 360 degree shots of products. It’s almost like a Lazy Man’s Stop Motion set up. Just hook up to the computer and a camera and tell the software how many pictures need to be taken per rotation, and voila, the device does the rest, triggering the camera between the rotation. It’s pretty cool. I can see great potential, not only getting great 5k video images of spinning products, but capturing a panoramic shot of a great looking landscape by setting it on top of the tripod. On a side note, I am loving the t2i all over again. I can’t believe the video quality it provides with a 50mm f1.8 lens. It’s simply spectacular for indoor footage.

“Downfall” Hitler parody of skydiving / swooping

Thousands of subtitle parody of “Downfall” film have been posted on youtube for a few years now. Nobody, however, created one for skydiving, so heh hmm… I thought I would give it shot since I know enough about the topic. You need to be a skydiver to appreciate all the subtle humor, but editors and animators might be aware of the body language/subtitle matching. Pete Doctor of Pixar spoke at a 3D Animation school I attended a long time ago. He strongly emphasized body language over lip synching (See Castro for a beer commercial).