Simulated Motion Capture

Gangnam Style craze isn’t dying out anytime soon, especially here in Korea.  Instead of making another parody, which requires a team of dancers, I thought I would animate one in After Effects, tracking each major joint frame-by-frame, much like motion capture.  It took a long time, but the result is interesting.

Technical note:  Plexus plugin was used.  The first frame is a reference frame, showing each dot’s relationship with surrounding dots.

Motion control turntable and 5K video

A friend is in the motion control mechanical business. He wanted me to test a computerized motion control turntable that is going to be used for 360 degree shots of products. It’s almost like a Lazy Man’s Stop Motion set up. Just hook up to the computer and a camera and tell the software how many pictures need to be taken per rotation, and voila, the device does the rest, triggering the camera between the rotation. It’s pretty cool. I can see great potential, not only getting great 5k video images of spinning products, but capturing a panoramic shot of a great looking landscape by setting it on top of the tripod. On a side note, I am loving the t2i all over again. I can’t believe the video quality it provides with a 50mm f1.8 lens. It’s simply spectacular for indoor footage.

“Downfall” Hitler parody of skydiving / swooping

Thousands of subtitle parody of “Downfall” film have been posted on youtube for a few years now. Nobody, however, created one for skydiving, so heh hmm… I thought I would give it shot since I know enough about the topic. You need to be a skydiver to appreciate all the subtle humor, but editors and animators might be aware of the body language/subtitle matching. Pete Doctor of Pixar spoke at a 3D Animation school I attended a long time ago. He strongly emphasized body language over lip synching (See Castro for a beer commercial).