I have been taking SLR pictures ever since when I was a kid. After college, I took pictures and video’s of skydiving for a living for awhile (around 3000 jumps), until decide to get into computer 3D and got a ‘real’ graphics job in California in the late 90’s. I retired from all that around 1998, to concentrate on other things, family mostly, and running my own small business. I then discovered DSLR at 2010, renewing my interest in photography. I was especially blown away by the capability of DLSR HD video. I then got back into skydiving and computer editing/graphics as well, strictly as a channel of joy, challenge and discovery. The purpose of this blog is to record my renewed journey, combining all the interests of the past and repackaging into something unique. Come along for a ride. Perhaps we can be enlightened together.


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  1. Hey Bill,
    Saw that you are using twixtor, picture styles, color grading, GoPro HD camera, HDR and other stuff and thought I should send you a message. You have some similar interests. Currently I work part time for Gigapan and do a lot of gigapixel imaging. I want to start capturing more and better video. I will keep checking your site. Thanks Stoney

    • I put up this site, hoping that SOMEBODY might benefit from my learning journey. I am glad you are on board! 🙂
      I will keep posting new stuff as I learn more things. Man.. I can’t most of the video work nowadays are very technical, which I fortunately like doing.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I saw your skydiving videos with the GH2 and T2i. Some are really nice (colors, effects …). Finally, it seems that you use more the GH2 for that purpose, isn’t it ? Which one would you recommend ? I’m doing freefly jumps and I’m wondering wether the T2i won’t suffer too much jellow effect ?



    • GH2 is better for freefall.
      1. It’s lighter.
      2. You can preview through the viewfinder for dirtdive, inside the airplane shots.
      3. You can autofocus in video mode, IF you want to, but I use the manual.
      4. It has better resolution.
      5. Jello effect is not as severe as T2i, even though there still is some.

      I do, however, like the “look” of T2i under the bright sun. I seem to squeeze out more dynamic range using a super flat profile mode.
      Good luck.

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