Mother’s Day 2019

This picture, worth nothing monetarily, is one of my most treasured items in the world. It has been in my wallet for almost 20 years!
The story of how I met Sonnie and how God kept his promise of me getting married before the age of 30 (we got married a month before my 30th b-day) is a story for another day, but today, it’s all about the motherhood.
Our kids were born with a genetic defect – every developmental stage was delayed. Throughout our lives in California, Sonnie spent most of her waking hours taking care of them, driving hundreds of miles a week to/from specialists; physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, doctors. She massaged their legs, administered their exercise routines daily – all these on top of taking care of her mother who lived with us.
The kids’ cognitive development eventually normalized, but their legs never did, but one thing is for sure. If Sonnie didn’t do all that, Joseph and Jonathan would have been much worst off.
Superheroes are real. They do not live just in comic books and silver screens; they live right among us. They might not leap tall building with a single bound, or dodge bullets, but they are much more powerful. They don’t need infinity stones. They shape the world the way we can never imagine. They are our everything.
Happy Mother’s Day to you all. God Bless.


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