School Spirit Week

The School Spirit Week just whipped by, and it consisted of dressing up for a different theme each day. Out of hundreds of pics shot, these are my favorites from each day.


Cotton Candy Car

A few treats are better than freshly spun cotton candy – warm and sticky, airy and fluffy, right from the back of the candyman’s car! Notice the generator on the roof, a machine in the trunk – ingeniosity never stops even with no Amazon/Walmart nearby! 🙂


Learning from Dogs

Stray dogs are common around here. They roam, scavenge, and breed if they are lucky. Puppies, especially the weaker ones, regularly get left behind.
These two pupsters probably weren’t, but they refuse to leave their dying sibling’s side.
Animals might not have spirit, but their souls are often more compassionate than ours. We could learn a thing or two from them.


Technical Aspects of Editing

This one is the best episode out of nine so far, when it comes to technical aspect at least.

1. The original audio had lots of wind noise, despite the deadcat windshield. Izotope audio plug-in software did a nice job removing almost all of it, but the narration sounds a bit tinny and digital. Like all other aspects of video editing, it will get better with practice.
2. Drone flying is getting smoother, especially with manual camera movements.
3. Google maps animation enhancing the narration.
4. Color grading is more natural, mimicking film. It took 8 nodes (layers) to achieve the look, but heck, whatever it takes! 🙂
5. Bible verse references help the narration move along nicely.
6. Lots of b-rolls!
7. Accompanying graphics – simple yet effective.
8. Low light drone footage with video noise removal and heavy color correction – takes a long time to render, but it looks pretty good for 1/25 shutter speed with minimal natural light.
9. Narration – good mix of history and Bible stories.
10. Mimicking the “Star Wars” speeder biker chase scene footage (1:22), but through the palm trees! 🙂