Drone and Olives

I drooled over a video drone ever since it came out, but it was more in the category of a “want” vs a “need.” Besides, there was no budget for it.
However, when it was on sale for 20% off, I just could not resist. I am a sucker for good deals. 🙂
So.. here I am, paying for it in 12 installments, but it was worth every penny. The production value of the videos I’ve been working on shot up skywards (pun intended)!
Here’s the latest short piece, showing what Palestinians do every fall. There even is an “Olive Picking” holiday here. Schools shut down and businesses close, for a day of picking fruits from trees their grandparents planted.

Our Favorite Kabob in Palestine

There are basically three kinds of “fast food” in Palestine; falafel, shawarma, and kabobs. My favorite? Kabobs; and there is no street vendor who does it better than Omar and his son at the Dheisheh Refugee Camp. You get two sticks of beef/chicken stuffed in a fresh pita bread with chopped vegetables and creamy and/or hot sauce just for seven shekels (around $2)! They open only for lunch hours and usually sell out before 2 p.m.!