“This is The Holy Land” Edit

Here’s the first episode of “This is The Holy Land” series. This is also my first edit with Davinci Resolve 15 using 2017 Razer Blade. My 2013 Macbook chokes with 4K footage from the DJI Air drone and from Panasonic GH5. The Nvidia 1060 in Razer seems to cut through the calculation intensive bitrate footage like a hot knife through butter!

I could not figure out how to enlarge the color correction window, so I just rushed through it. The colors on some shots are not that great. I just wanted to get it done at the end! 🙂


Back-to-School 2018

We have been back ‘home,’ here at Bethlehem/Beit Jala, for a week now. Jonathan and I are back-to-school again. This would be our 5th semester here at the Jerusalem School of Bethlehem.
It didn’t’ seem that long ago when we landed in Tel Aviv->Ramallah six years ago, leaving everything behind, other than whatever we should jam into six suitcases.
It has been a wild ride. We are grateful for people who supported/support us, and we pray for who do not understand us. What is popular is often not-so-good and what is good is often not very popular.