Mom’s Memorial (Rose Mary)

October 31, 1991, was the snowiest Halloween Day ever recorded in the Twin Cities area. People had no business driving that day. 22 people were killed, and over 100 injured.
My mother was one of them.
She was delivering hot meals to the elders in need, because hunger doesn’t take a break.
She was just that kind of a person, always thinking about others before herself. She didn’t have to try. It was simply who she was.
She was heavily involved with voluntary work in the area, putting in many hours for different organizations. There was either glory or recognition in that, but the joy from within, was enough.
Our family was a caretaker for the Hay Lake School and Erickson Log Home Museum, Scandia, right across the street from our house.
Memorial benches, dedicated to our mother, was erected between two buildings shortly after her death, by friends and family. She touched many around her, way more than she realized.
After more than 25 years of harsh Minnesota winters, it was time for a makeover – new beams! With a little maintenance, they should be good for another 25 easily!
We all die, but we really don’t. We raise our children to be better and bigger than ourselves. She has not succeeded yet, but she will. She will..


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