Connecting in the Real World

In this high-tech digital era, we have never been more connected, yet we aren’t. Text/instant messaging replaced most conversations, and many of us rather fiddle with our smartphones than pay attention to our immediate surroundings, rarely looking up to see what beauty, especially people, surrounds us.
We are created to connect with God and with others. We try our best not to. It’s just easier, riskfree, yet empty.
Our family decided to stay with a host when visiting the Nevada/Arizona area for a few days. It saved us money, but more importantly, it connected us with locals.
Sam and Rebekah have been wonderful hosts. We came together as strangers but left as lifetime friends. Couchsurfing isn’t for everyone, but the point of this post is about taking risks, being real. We need to cut back on the digital world, interacting with one another face-to-face, strangers or not, organically, more.

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