Camping in Style!

Minnesota/Wisconsin means great outdoors! Thanks to Jeff and Ellen, Ellen’s brother Mark and his wife Jen, we got to do a little taste of what it’s all about at Yellow Lake, Wisconsin! In style, of course, complete with golf carts! 🙂

3 Korean American Voelkers

Jan, my sister, was kind enough to throw a graduation party for Joseph at her house. It also turned out to be a family reunion of three of Korean American siblings with a German last name who grew up in a small Minnesota town in the 70-80’s!


Summer Adventure, 2018!

We knew the risk of being on standby – getting bumped on full overbooked flights. It happened to us, not once but TWICE at Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel!
“Camping out” at the airport for two days wasn’t exactly a torture, but it isn’t something we care to experience again anytime soon.
We finally made it to Minnesota. Uff da!
Tim, my college freshman roommate, is one of my dearest friends. He was gracious enough to host us the first night. Here’s one of his decor. Can you guess what his major/minor was?

Day 1 of 75