A man at Hebron

We met an interesting man this afternoon at Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank.
As you can tell by his eyes, he had many stories to tell.
For starters, he has 22 children..


Walking without destination

Sonnie and I often go for walks, with no particular destination in mind, letting the Spirit guide us. We almost always have interesting encounters.
We ran across these boys near the town of Al-Khader (Arabic: الخضر‎‎), a village a few miles from our place.
I wonder what their dreams are, what they hope for.
I will have a chance to ask someday, especially when I get better in Arabic! 


Vegetable shops

These are some of the men who work at vegetable shops in Dheisheh Refugee Camp (Arabic: مخيم الدهيشة) next to Bethlehem. We get our fruits and vegetables, by the boxes, weekly there. (in season this month – 50 lbs of onions for 30 shekels/$8.30!)
They were having lunch when we stopped by.
Of course, they would not let us leave unless we ate with them first, hungry or not! 🙂
Someday, I will make a video of top 10 things we both love and dislike about Palestine. You can take a very good guess which category an experience like this one, which is very common here, belongs to.