Went to Tel Aviv today,
admiring the sea.
Its gentleness and power –
it keeps balance, delicately.
it’s a wonder.



Run like Hell

I don’t listen to music too much anymore, but when I do, it’s the old stuff. such as Pink Floyd from the 70’s. The song used for this video is called, “Run Like H*ll” from their album “The Wall.”
I often run along the wall that stands between Bethlehem/Beit Jala and Jerusalem. This song seems to hum from the air when I whiz by different sections of the seperation wall. I always meant to translate that experience into a video. I never got around to it, until yesterday..

Glorious Light

See the full moon over the town of Bethlehem?
What about the glowing green mosque light on the right?
This is a view from our bedroom window at night, during the Ramadan month.
Muslim neighbors come alive at night, after fasting from dawn to dusk.
Imagine this place, full of Glorious Light always, day and night.