Like a Rolling Stone

My instructions to the media class students was simple, yet complex – “Act like a rock band posing for a vinyl album cover.”
I don’t even know if they knew what that even meant! 🙂
They, however, have succeeded.



I took hundreds of pictures of 40+ classes at the school for last couple of weeks. It seemed to take forever since somebody “clever” in the group who wanted to be “creative,” acting out with their hand/s, making faces, or doing everything else but simply stand there and smile. All it takes one, and sure enough, a rascal in the group almost always wrecks it for everybody else, thinking he/she is special. Grrrrrr….
When one group photo out of many, like this one, turns out okay, it makes it all worth while, even though it might take up to 15 minutes and 20+ shots. It’s a good thing that I no longer use film! 🙂

This all sounds like rant, but I am grateful; learning, understanding and appreciating – being here, to serve, to see.



I’ve been working on the senior pages for the yearbook for a week now.
I’ve handled all their submitted pictures and read all their essays.
It’s refreshing, touching and inspiring.
It reaffirms how we are different, yet the same, constantly seeking connection, collecting memories, living, dying.
We are made in His image; love, to and to be.

“So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.”
(Genesis 1:27)