Yehuda Market

Skipped the long run yesterday due to heavy rain. Wasn’t any better this morning, with more cold rain mixed with a bit of snow and hail, but not enough to deter me heading out.
It helped that the school was cancelled! 🙂
Mahane Yehuda Market (Hebrew: שוק מחנה יהודה‎‎,) is a huge marketplace in Jerusalem with more than 250 vendors. It is almost always packed with people, but not this morning since it’s Shabbat. Large painted storefront faces, however, never take a day off. They all looked at me like I was a bit crazy, jogging in this kind of nasty weather with shorts.


Beit Sahur

Bayt Sahur (Beit Sahur), a small town down the hill from Bethlehem, at sunrise.
I still do not love running, per se, but the benefits are too hard to ignore, such as watching the life giving sun, rising, burning away the darkness. The light overcomes, every single time.



I was almost deaf after a diving accident in California, some time ago.
Mature Christians usually don’t make pact with God, but I was desperate. I asked Him to make me hear again, and I would live the rest of my life under His will.

Here I was this morning, jogging through alleys in Bethlehem, hearing every footstep echoing off the walls, soaking in its acoustics. Music it wasn’t, yet radiant and beautiful. It was reinvigorating.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the accident wasn’t a tragedy. It was a blessing. It saved me.