Christmas Eve at Bethlehem

It’s the packed-like-sardines time of the year at the little town of Bethlehem, especially at the Manger Square next to the Nativity Church. I’ve jogged through it a dozens of times, but not today. 🙂

Later on, we decide to get our family picture taken up the hill, at Beit Jala, where it was less crowded.

Bob Dylan Exhibition in Tel Aviv

We were walking through the Museum of the Jewish People situated within Tel Aviv University when I heard the song “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan. At first I thought, “Hey, that’s pretty cool that they are playing some American classics.” Then it occurred to me that Bob Dylan is a Jewish Musician, a good one at least. 🙂
The museum had a whole exhibition room dedicated to the complex artist and his art of music, poetry and commentaries. Pretty interesting.