Joseph, getting a good start on the summer vacation, doing what he loves – music composition, video games and the internet.


Light Source

As I listened to the speakers at the High School graduation ceremony last night, I could not help but notice he colorful stage lights above.  We are only as beautiful as the light source, yet we only reflect a small part of it.


School’s out!

The school is out!  The lack of students’ chatter in the classroom is deafening!  🙂  The classrooms are rearranged to be painted by volunteers.  This is a 3-frame HDR shot.  It looks much better than real life.


The volunteers showed up the next day.  Here’s a shot after I told them to, “Pose, yet make it look like you are working.”  🙂


Tina or Gandalf?

Several of our juvenile chickens have mohawk ‘do, and this feather legged grey one is our favorite. If it’s a female, we might have to call her Tina (Turner); If male, Gandalf the Grey?

Puppy Eyes

Did you know that all puppies are born with blue eyes? I didn’t. Most puppies’ eyes, however, will turn brown around 10 weeks of age. This one, owned by a family right next to the school, is five weeks old. It reminds me of Mendocino, California, and dozens of time we camped there.


One word to describe this picture of a high school senior taking her math finals this morning at the school: Radiant.


Fruit of Patience

It’s the season of prickly pears, cactus fruit, aka “fruit of patience” in Palestine. It’s somewhat challenging to eat, but definitely worth the effort due to its deliciousness! As a bonus, it’s full of vitamin C and a significant amount of fiber!

May the Fourth

The sunset was gorgeous tonight, due to an unseasonably cold cloudy day in May.  Here’s a 3-shot HDR composite.  I could not resist the Tie fighter addition!

51 Steps

Our surroundings speak to us constantly. We just need to focus and listen.
I have driven/jogged by this colorful Palestinian themed stairway in Bethlehem, not too far from the Church of Nativity, dozens of times. I never noticed that it has 51 stairs, the same number as my age!

It inspired me to look up and meditate on John 1:51 – “Very truly I tell you,you will see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.”

Wow!  It’s all about prayer, which I have not done much lately.  It could be coincidence or a result of subconscious logic, but it really doesn’t matter.  I listened and I shall pray with more intensity.