Light Among the Dead

Went for a run at the outskirts of Bethlehem this morning. It’s not exactly a picturesque part of the town where Jesus was born, but it reminds me how beautiful is the Light, even among the dead.

Teachers of JSB

A couple of JSB (Jerusalem School of Bethlehem), Beit Jala, Palestine. The English based school is located right next to the Little Town of Bethlehem, which is enrolled by approximately 900 k-12 students. The teachers are motivated to teach, incorporating Christian values to the next generation West Bank leaders.

Outside the Walls

A walkway at Walworth Barbour American International School near Tel Aviv, Israel. Our school athletes visited here yesterday for a soccer and basketball tournament. It was a privilege for them to visit such a nice area, outside the walls.  It was the nicest school I have ever seen, anywhere.


A view from the front of Jerusalem School of Bethlehem (JSB) this morning – sunny and beautiful. It then got windy, rainy nasty.
It is often quiet before the storm. We just need to take it all, whatever is thrown at us, and think beyond the immediate; long.

Stone Fence

There are many passages in the bible that mention stone fences. Around here in Bethlehem, the construction method has not changes much since. Men stack stones of all sizes, one at a time, day after day, just as their ancestors have done.