Blessed are the Peacemakers

Tablets are required for all students at the school I teach. It gives them a wide variety of English based books and resources. The caption on the backside of the school uniform reads, “Blessed are the Peace Makers,” which is very appropriate for hard working teachers, especially the ones from America who volunteer their time and energy for the future generation Palestinians.

Seeing Faces

I gave my media class students a photo assignment, to take a picture of an inanimate object that looks like a face, to observe, to appreciate.
When I looked out the window tonight, I saw at least a dozen; faces of the present and the past, faces of the future I have not yet met.

Living Tree

The multi-purpose room, a popular place where the students hang around, is pretty small to start off with. A good chunk of it, however, is reserved for a living tree. My take? It pairs well with Living Water, something the students learn daily.

Cold yet Warm

The front garden of the Jerusalem School of Bethlehem, Beit Jala.
January is one of the coldest and the wettest months of the year here in Palestine. People bundle up with thick coats and avoid the outdoors, yet the wild flowers to thrive, not because it’s ideal, but because they need to.

Leaving Minnesota

After being away from Jerusalem 90 days, we are ready to go back again.  We are stuck between cultures.  U.S. doesn’t really feel like home anymore yet we are still foreigners in other countries.  Oh well.. that’s the life of people who live like us.  Here’s a snowman my nieces created a few days ago.  It seems confused, wondering why we are leaving again.