Niagara Falls

A physics teacher told us that it’s possible to figure out how much water Niagara Falls flow rate just by knowing the formula for gravity.  I was never able to figure out.

Manhattan Skyline at night

We could not leave New York unless we took one last sweeping look at the night skyline of Manhattan. P-u-r-t-y!
The trip would have not been possible if not for the accommodation and support provided by the Good Shepherd Church in Nanuet.

Here’s the Beef!

Sonnie and her sister didn’t need to ask, “Where’s the beef?” at this Irish tavern at Jersey City.
A good burger should stand on its own with just meat between fresh toasted buns. Most fancy elaborate things are like toppings-heavy ‘designer’ hamburgers – pretty much full of self anointed style without much substance.

Thomas Edison Desk

The personal desk of Edison in the pristinely preserved three level research library at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, West Orange, New Jersey. My favorite Edison quote – “We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.”

Trip to New York

We are on our way to New York. As we entered Wisconsin, guess what guided us? A double rainbow all the way!
I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth. (Genesis 9:13)

I usually prefer the wonders and beauty of nature’s creations vs manmade objects. Christmas lighting on skyscrapers, however, is one of those few exceptions. Cleveland, Ohio at Midnight.

Holy bat factory, Batman! We stopped for a tour at BWP Bats at Brookville, Pennsylvania, on our way to New York. It takes only a minute to lathe, but six more days to add finishing touches to each bat!

What isn’t popular isn’t necessarily not great. It is often overshadowed by things we think we like.
The Great Falls, Paterson, New Jersey – approximately 400 miles south of the Niagara Falls.

Amazingly, we found a free street parking spot only a block from Time Square! The chances of that happening is like having my name splash across one of those bright video screens. Oh.. Wait..

Life giving water

I don’t particularly like running. I do it more out of necessity. Today, however, was different. I felt rejuvenated jogging along Mississippi, the 4th longest river in the world, as if life-giving water flowed through me.

Many streams feed into Mississippi, including this one in Fridley..

Breaking free

We are back in Minnesota after a long uneventful drive. After a nice long nap, I went for a short walk, looking for something beautiful to capture. It was much harder than anticipated, especially in the upper class neighborhood.
I then saw a tree, trying its best to hang onto to the last of its leaves, yet budding out, only to freeze inevitably, until true spring.
Many of us tent to do exactly that, until the truth sets us free.

The Indian Muffler Man

I-80 through Nebraska is considered to be one of the most boring drives in the U.S. Well.. like everything else in life, it’s all in the frame of mind!
Posing with the “Indian Muffler Man” at Fort Cody Trading Post, North Platte, Nebraska, isn’t exactly a soul-changing experience, but a must-do! 🙂

Laughing until crying

Erik and I trapped fur bearing animals one year when we were around 9th grade.  When I met up with him during our trip from California to Minnesota, in Denver, he told some funny stories from those days.  I could not stop laughing until the tears started pouring out of my else.  I have not laughed like that for a long time.  Thanks Erik!