Sanford’s Grub & Pub

I like being visually overstimulated once in awhile. The interior of this Sanford’s Grub & Pub in Cheyanne, Wyoming, delightfully screamed at my eyes, begging to be photo captured, and this is just a small section of the whole!  Thanks Mike, a friend I have not seen since the high school days (31 years ag0), for inviting us!

Red Rock Park, Colorado

I am a lazy photographer.  I don’t often venture out too far to snap photos with my good camera.  This one was captures right from the parking lot of Red Rocks Park, a few miles just outside of Denver, Colorado.




Family by Vineyard

This family was kind enough to let us use their mother-in-law unit, free of charge, while we visited California for a couple of weeks. God bless them.

Whopper got away!

Jonathan and I went to our favorite fishing hole when we used to live in Livermore, CA.  Shadow Cliffs Park hasn’t changed much since we left three years ago.  The entrance attendant recognized us and was fascinated by what we have been doing.  Anyway, Jonathan hooked a monster, probably well over 6 pounds, but it got away just as I was trying to net the thing.  We both felt as though willing lottery ticket slipped away from our hands.  We tried again the next day.  We are pretty happy to hook this one, not as big, but thrilling regardless.  We released it afterwards, passing on the thrill of reeling in the biiiig one to some other kids.


We are all brothers and sisters

I am grateful for friends. We all are brothers and sisters.
We met this gang 15 years ago, shortly after Sonnie and I moved to California from Minnesota. We went on dozens of camping trip to the coast together, year after year, mainly to harvest and to consume countless number of abalone and sea urchins.
It was wonderful to be united again. We didn’t even have to dive for our food this time around! 🙂
dive gang

Letting go

This picture, taken at Fair Oaks, is cluttered, with too many light holes, colors and elements, with no obvious focal point. Yet, it is beautiful. No matter how much we plan, we often run into chaos, losing focus, wondering and swimming through the unknown. It can, however, be beautiful, only when we let go.

The “model” in the picture is a professional photographer. She almost never gets to be in the front of the camera, that is until today! 🙂

22 Degrees

A 22 degree halo around the moon tonight, here in Livermore, California.
There is an old weather saying, “Ring around the moon means rain soon.” I sure hope so, for the sake of the whole state.

Beauty of whole

We visited a friend and his family in San Francisco yesterday. They live in one of many Edwardian homes in Sunset district, each of them similar, yet unique, contributing to the beauty of the whole.
We, the people, ever so divided, should be more like that.

South Livermore, California

Livermore, California, where we lived for 12 years, is the home of 40 wineries.
Church friends have graciously provided us with accommodations while visiting our California “hometown” for a few weeks.
This is a view from a window of a mother-in-law unit of where we are now staying.
The rolling hills probably didn’t change much for thousands of years. I hope they stay the same for centuries more.