What We Miss the Most

This is probably the most visited and photographed waterfall in the Twin Cities area. Ironically, I have never seen it while living here almost half of my life. The most gorgeous things are what we miss right in front of our own eyes.  Like many other people in the world, I was caught up in my own world when I was younger, chasing empty dreams.  What we want the most sits right in front of us all our lives, free for taking, yet we often don’t want it.  Many of us grasp in time; yet for others, they die beforehand.

Stillwater, Minnesota

Feeling nostalgic in Stillwater, one of the oldest cities in Minnesota. Almost everything looks the same since the last time I’ve been here 25 years ago, other than the new highway 36 bridge in construction.
It reminds me of how much I’ve changed.
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Brother in law

My sister’s husband is late 50’s. People often mistake him as his daughter’s grandfather. He doesn’t mind that much though. He is happy to be healthy enough to keep up with them!

Michelle and Doug

The last time I saw Michelle and Doug was 26 years ago, when they were newlyweds. They now enjoy a blessed peaceful country life with seven kids, a dog and a rabbit.
There is no much beauty in Minnesota at this time of the year, I want to bottle it up and bring it back to Jerusalem.

Road of Fire

Drove by my childhood home yesterday. It was almost unrecognizable since the trees grew so much everywhere, including this road about 1/2 mile from the place.

Jeff and Ellen

I have not seen Jeff and Ellen for more than 20 years. When Jonathan I suddenly had an urge to shoot a few rounds, I somehow knew that they had a few guns way out there in Wisconsin. They did not disappoint. They had more than a few.
We had a great time, stuffing ourselves with good old American cheeseburgers, beer brats, corn on the cob, shooting more than a few rounds afterwards.