Light Painting

It’s very unusual to get thunder storm here in Jerusalem. When I saw some flashes of lighting, I got out there, hoping the capture some. I set up the tripod and patiently waited for lighting to enter my view finder. After 20 shots of blank shots, I gave up. There were kids hanging around, curious, wondering what I was doing. To make the setup worth while, I asked them to dance around with their smartphones, hoping to capture some of their light painting. It was not exactly Picasso, but it didn’t turn out too bad.



If all your friends jumped off a rock then would you too?

Nuclear Family

4 brothers live in the same building complex. Unlike Americans, Palestinian families, even after they get married, don’t move too far away from each other.

Slow Shutter Speed Motion Blur

I have not shot in “slow speed/follow the subject” shot for awhile. This one was taken at 1/50 sec with appropriate f-stop. One of the greatest thing about DSLR is that you get to see results pretty much right away. We are so spoiled.

Dust Storm, Jerusalem 9/8/15

At first, this picture doesn’t look too unusual. It just looks like a foggy day. It’s not, however. The snapshot was taken at 11:20 a.m. with the sun floating high up in the sky. Jerusalem just had the worst dust storm in last 5 years. This is the aftermath.

A Mix of Old and New

The original picture looked too busy with too many things going on. There was no time to compose. I quickly put the camera on the Auto mode and shot in bursts.
To make it more presentable, I experimented with motion blur on a separated background layer. To a trained eye, it looked faked, but in overall, it looks pretty good.

Desaturated almost to the max

I am not much of a B&W photography guy. I just really excited about intense colors, especially if the pictures look better than real life.
In this case, however, I desaturated the image, and enhanced the detail, since the colors were dull due to dim lighting. The result looks somewhat gimmicky, but interesting regardless.

Colorful Stairway

This stairway sits in the middle of Isawiya. It’s a shame that not many people get to see it. It’s probably one of the most colorful in Israel.