Natural Lighting and the lack of

I didn’t think this picture was going to turn out too well due to the lack of good lighting inside the building and a drastic difference between the skin tones of the father and his two daughters. It really didn’t, and I had to process the RAW picture pretty heavily to get the results that looked decent.
When I stepped outside shortly afterwards, the sun was low (golden hour), almost perfect for capturing boys playing on a street. They stopped to pose and smile. They could have not done it better.

“Hope” – bird of peace

Our lives were somewhat turbulent last week. A baby dove sat under our chicken coop, with no parents in sight. We had no choice but to bring it in and learn how to take care of it. There are many coincidences in our lives. This, I believe, is beyond that. Appropriately, we named her “Hope.”

Hot falafel

This falafel shop sits in the middle of the village. Three falafel balls costs just a shekel, around 25 cents, which is an amazing deal. Once you taste the hot stuff straight out of the scorching oil, there is no going back.

Anata, a village next to Isawiya

The kids in Isawiya, like many other in other Palestinian villages, play with each other. Most families probably can not afford the latest video game consoles or high speed internet for laptops, which is probably a good thing. These kids, for example, do there best, entertaining themselves outdoors. Anata can be seen in the background. It is separated from Isawiya by the security wall.
Here’s another shot, with the security barrier visible.

Auto store

A bunch of young men invited me to smoke some hookah with them in front of an auto part store one of them operates. I politely declined, but gladly accepting a shot of Arab coffee instead.
Since it’s on a major road, many of their friends whiz by, including a these guys on a scooter.


Hookah pipe smoking is a popular social activity among Palestinian men.
Shortly after the picture above was taken, the full moon was begging to get its picture taken. It paired well with intense pastel sunset.

Love of Children

Residents of Isawiyya complains a lot; about the occupation, road blockage, harassment by the police, not getting their money’s worth from paying taxes, etc. One thing, however, they are happy about is their families. Just about everybody knows everybody else in this town. Think of Lake Wabagon without the lakes, woods and lutefisk!

Meeting people

Meeting new people is always exciting. Arabs are hospitable and friendly. I can’t imagine introducing myself to strangers in U.S. at random. They would probably call the cops!
horse_stall2  boysmile

Baby Dove

Can something be ugly and be cute at the same time? We found such exact thing
sitting under the chicken coop with no parents in sight. I guess we need to do some research.