Leaving Jerusalem

“Dad, are you going to miss me?” Joseph blurted out suddenly, as we cruised along Highway 1 on the way to the airport.
“Nah,” I replied. I couldn’t see his face since I was watching the road, but he knew that I was kidding.
We have not talked to each other much lately. It has been that way for a while. I always liked him being around though. Just feeling his presence was enough sometimes.
“Joseph,” I broke the silence. He barely gazed away from his phone.
“You have a whole adventure in front of you. Fall in love, get dumped, make new friends, taste everything. Find out for yourself what life is all about.” He looked back down at his phone, but I knew he heard me.
It didn’t seem that long ago that I held him like a football on my side, as he laughed, while our Golden Retriever barked at us playfully.
Time crawled with as we were waited at the check-in line, but I didn’t mind. It would be awhile before we see him again.
As he walked through the metal detector, we waved our final good-bye. I turned around silently, holding back tears; squeezing Sonnie’s hand gently. We silently walked back to the parking lot, barely noticing the warm humid breeze.


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