Dry Creek Run

Had to watch every step while running on this dry creek bed near Beit Hanina (Arabic: بيت حنينا‎, Hebrew: בית חנינא‎) this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to flush three Nubian Ibex (desert dwelling goats of Israel) and a jackal on the way.

Sideyard chickens

I have not posted a video since my Panasonic GH2 got smashed by Muslim Extremists a few months ago. I am getting a replacement soon (GH4). In a meanwhile, I was feeling the itch to video something. I took out my T2i and started shooting the chickens. I have not shot with this camera ever since I got the GH2 a couple of years ago. I was pleasantly surprised how good the chicken video turned out. I guess having the shallow DOF with a telephoto lens helps, giving the illusion of subjects being much sharper than it really is. Anyway, here it is – six of our pet chickens, with five of them that are going to lay eggs soon.

50 miles on my 50th birthday

It took super human efforts to run the last 3 miles, but I finished! 50 miles on 50th birthday. How cool is that?
It all started 5 months ago, when the would-be-coach Karen Pearson mentioned 100 mile races she participated in. I jokingly said, “If you find such race in Israel, I will run it,” thinking that the country is too small to have such thing. She found one the next day. Me and my big mouth!
I then told her that I will take a baby step and run and 50 miler on my birthday for starters. The rest if history.
The training schedule was manageable, running no more than 10 miles on weekdays, then long runs on Fridays, my days off.
It didn’t really get in the way of anything.
I really can’t believe I ran 50 miles. It took 12 long hours, but heck, I will take it. It was the hardest physical thing I have ever done, but one of the most rewarding.


I like to eat, and I always struggled with it. The easiest way to maintain an ideal weight is to not eat when not hungry. Like millions of others, I simply can’t do it. I just don’t have the willpower.
There is a program where I can eat anything I want, as much as I want at anytime – training for an ultramarathon!

Picture #1. Working long hours and eating a lot of junk food in America.
Picture #2. In Israel, after living in a Daniel Diet house (no meat and no processed food) for a month. I never have eaten so many vegetables in my life!
Picture #3. After residing in Isawiyya, Israel, for 8 months. Weight slowly creeping back after consuming too many daily calories.
Picture #4. At a peak of ultra running training, running long miles but eating as much as I want.

Mount Scopus

A panorama view of the Mount Scopus from the hills of the Mount Olives.  The Hebrew University tower is visible from miles around.  On the other side is the village of Isawiyya, the town we reside in. This is a composite image of 9 different pictures taken with an Iphone 4S.

Bedouin Goatherder

During a 5-mile short taper run, I ran into a Bedouin goatherder on the east slope of the Mount of Olives, the site where many events in the Bible took place, and where Jesus taught and prophesied to his disciples (Matthew 24–25).
The goatherder and I were the only people up on the hill. I didn’t have the means to get both us in the shot, so I decide to cheat a little. 🙂
I took his picture then he took mine. I then photoshopped two images together, taking the best guess on perspective and sizing. The final image turned out pretty good. You really can’t tell that the final pictures is a composite.
hillman hillbv