Running from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, then to Jericho

It was the weekend of the 30-mile long run. I started at midnight, starting off from Jerusalem, pausing briefly a the Dead Sea, finishing off at Jericho – all great backdrops to some amazing events in the bible.
It was inspiring to move with the night, fueled by history, guided by starlight.
Here’s a shot of it on fire as I entered Jericho.
Taken with Iphone 4S. A bit of photoshop editing to enhance shadows and contrast.

Running around the Sea of Galilee

We were up at the Sea of Galilee, filming a tour group for a couple of days. It was a great historic place to squeeze in my 25 mile long run. Instead of running partially around the lake then turning around, I decide to tackle the WHOLE lake, a 40 mile feat. I took off at 11 p.m., and ran throughout the night, mostly in the dark, since the most of the road is unlit. It took 8.5 hours. I was quite sore afterwards, but man.. what a journey. I know that I was not the first, but probably one of the few who ran non-stop around the sea where Jesus walked.

A Golden City

I look forward to hitting new trails on weekends, and today was no exception. This one lies along the northern edge of Jerusalem.
As the sun rose, a golden city emerged from the clouds. It was spectacular – better than the best of special effects!
We all have different reasons for running. I move, to see.