Arab Extremists in East Jerusalem

Our church in Jerusalem is going through a tribulation. Our staff and volunteers are getting harassed and assaulted almost daily. I personally got pepper sprayed (0:32) and then got hit with a rock the size of a baseball just as I finished taping the episode yesterday. Wanna see evil straight into its face? Pause the video at 0:29. The guy in green is yielding a razor box cutter! Can you believe that neither one of the attackers is locked up?
My dear fellow American friends – enjoy your usually fair justice system and the Second Amendment.
The same guys smashed my beloved Panasonic GH2 last week, so I won’t be able to post any video for awhile. 😦

Railroad park in Jerusalem

A pleasant surprise find this morning while jogging – a railroad park in the middle of Jerusalem!
They took approximately five miles of abandoned tracks and converted into a walking/running/biking trail, connecting communities. It’s perfect for night runners like me. I wish it was longer than 5 miles though.