Old City

We are back in Israel again. We’ve been here for a year now. The funny thing is that I have not had a chance to visit the Wailing Wall of Old City. That is, until today. I don’t appreciate it as much as others since I don’t understand the full history of the Old City in general. I guess I have a lot of reading to do!
I took a few video snapshots on the way to the wall. The Arab girls were more than willing to comply when asked if they wanted their picture taken.

Athens, Greece, out of an airplane window

The view from the window was pretty. I didn’t think I could capture it on video since window was not very clear and since I could not hold the camera rock steady.
I had to try it anyway since I had nothing to lose. I pointed the camera straight out the window, hoping for the best. Luckily the sun was behind us and the reflection was minimal. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the footage was quite useable. I thought it would jello like crazy since the camera shook a pretty good amount. Warp stabilizer of Premiere did a pretty good job stabilizing the shakes and getting rid of significant amount of jello. Unless you are an expert looking for artifacts, it looks like it’s shot from a helicopter and a gyroscope mounted camera!