License plate theft in Israel

We got our front license plate stolen this morning, either by some young punk or pros who steal cars for living. It didn’t really matter. I felt violated. I supposed it was a lot better than getting the whole car stolen.
After a little research, I found out that I needed to file a police report and get new plates made.
Filing a police report at a police station was relatively painless since the officer spoke pretty good English. I then had to ask five difference people on how to get to the license plate printing shop. That’s the thing about Israel. When asking for directions, plan on at least half of them giving you wrong/bad direction. Anyway, I found a place after zig zagging a few blocks. To my surprise, the whole process of printing took less than three minutes. Unbelievable. It’s the fastest thing I have ever seen when it comes to government related activities. I was pretty happy to walk out of there so quickly, even having had to drain my pocket of 100 NIS, given the circumstances. It sure beats waiting for my number to be called at California DMV!


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