“That’s a RAP” Episode 1: Three-camera edit about graffiti

This shoot of the pilot show “That’s a RAP” was interesting since we mixed three completely different beasts; Panasonic GH2, Canon T3i and Sony HVR-Z5. Plural Eyes came in handy for matching up all the videos and a Zoom external sound recorder on the timeline.
I did a rough job on color correction in the beginning, matching up the cameras close as possible, thinking that I could fine-tune it after the edit. However, I learned too late that it is much more time-consuming to do it after chopping up all the clips and creating multiple nested sequences, so I left it. Note to myself – color correct first when the edit is complex, especially with multiple cameras and several nested sequences.
In overall, however, I am pleased with the way it turned out. Of course, it could be better, but the most important thing was getting it done in time. I am especially delighted with how GH2 performed for low-light indoor graffiti slide shots. Some of them were shot in ISO 1600 at f1.7 with Lumix 20mm Pancake, and they turned out crisp and clean. $7000 Sony HVR-Z5 is still giving us excess video noise problems. It needs to be replaced with either FS100; better yet, FS700!


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