30 minute TV show production

My main job nowadays is to shoot, edit and produce 30 minute shows to be broadcast around the world. This is one of the first edits. It has lots of great shots from the Gaza Strip. My little GH2 is an awesome little camera that does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of each event. 20mm pancake is a an excellent low light lens, especially for indoors where I have to use whatever natural light that is available. However, I am quite disappointed with a professional Sony HD camera we use to record the sermon. The amount of noise it produces it unacceptable and it simply is not very crisp. My old $400 Sony cx100 looked better.
Anyway, the show will get better as it matures. I am pretty satisfied with the look and feel of it at the moment.


Gaza Panorama

Went across Gaza for the second time this year, documenting medical mission work and a Christian/Muslim workshop for Living Bread International Church. Such travel makes me realize how self centered most of us are.
The panorama picture below, showing one of the nicer part of the city, is stitched together using 15 pictures and Photoshop.