Glidecam packed one minute commercial

The Living Bread International Church facilitates tours for spiritual minded individuals.  My job in last 10 days was to document the whole event and create a commercial for TV shows we are about to create.  The one below took very little time to create since I shot almost all the footage with edit in mind.  Glidecam HD 1000 was used in every location since it’s more exciting to watch than static shots.  I am going to sell my Merlin Steadicam.  I simply could not stop it from swinging side by side.  I think it’s a design flaw for lighter cameras such as GH2.


Baptism, Dead Sea and Glidecam

I just got done video’ing a tour group facilitated by Living Bread Church where I am a media guru. It was a 10 day shoot of carrying around a Glidecam and a camera backpack all day. It’s a good thing that GH2 is so light!
All the footage, some of the spectacular, is a property of the church, but Pastor Karen was kind enough to let me use a few clips for a personal family video.