Window of Peace

A dove laid two eggs at our window ledge.
I can’t help but to think of Jews and Arabs here in Israel.
Will their children grow up knowing peace?
Will we ever see the doves fly?

Not everything happens by chance. There must be a good reason why a bird of peace decided to nest on our window ledge. Doves usually lay two eggs, but I can’t stop thinking about how they symbolize Jews and Arabs. Brothers they were once, yet the hatred so strong they can’t imagine otherwise.

Runner’s Dream

Muhanad Musafa is one of our neighbors who happens to be a world class runner. He is only person I know who can run a mile less than 3:45. Wow! It was interesting filming him with my head stuck out the window. I was afraid that I would smack my head against some oncoming car, wall, dumpster, etc. 🙂

Daniel diet

We temporarily stayed at the Living Bread Church guest house for two weeks in January, while looking for a place of our own nearby. It had a Kosher/Daniel Diet kitchen, which meant no meat, spices, packaged food, coffee or tea in the house. Our staple foods consisted of soup, vegetables and pita bread. The habit stayed with us when we moved to our new place at Isayiwa. We now buy/consume veggies by the case and eat very little meat. As a result, I lost tons of weight, both Sonnie and I look healthier/younger, and the kids eat warm pita bread as snacks instead artificial chemical laced crap.