Isawiya, israel

Isawiya is an Arab village a bit north east of Jerusalem. It’s a stone throw away from the Hebrew University. Some roads are so steep that half the cars can not make it up the hill unless the they get a good start at the bottom and the drivers punch the pedals to the metal!  Goats roam free throughout the valley, eating everything.  Planting a garden is out of question!



We came here with a purpose — to serve, especially the Arabs, while finding the means to stay here long term. Ideally, I needed a job that did both.
Call it a luck or a miracle, but I landed a video guru position with an international church at Jerusalem that does exactly that. It definitely is a job with a greater purpose and vision. It requires everything I learned about video, photography and editing. Unlike many other churches in Israel, this one does not shy away from serving the people of Palestine.
So, we had to move again, not only being closer to the church, but more importantly, getting the kids in school. Without comprehension of Arabic, no Arab school will accept them. It would take too long for them to learn the language. We didn’t want them to sit idle, so we them into an ‘ulpan’ transition school, learning Hebrew. After about a year, they can integrate into a regular public school. It’s a great program Israel has set up. U.S. should adapt something similar for immigrants. It would save them billions, eliminating costly bi-lingual and ESL programs.
The video below is my first project for the church, gathering old footage and putting it together, showing what the church is all about. I hope the message comes across, even though I didn’t have all the footage I needed.  As usual, every clip was color corrected.