Palestine kids running free

The local kids are fascinated with us. They are innocent and vibrant. They run free, not restricted by video games and cell phones like their counterparts in America/Korea. We visited a couple of  households, and they treated us like family. The tightness of the community is something I have never imagined.

Technical note: I used Magic Bullet Looks for major parts of color grading. It diffused the footage a bit to give it more filmy look.

Finally at Palestine

We finally made it!  One of the strangest things I noticed right away were huge black tanks on top of the roof.  It was explained to me that water service, controlled by the Israel government, is not always reliable, therefore they store the water in the tanks whenever they can.  Palestine tanks are black; Israel, white.

Simulated Motion Capture

Gangnam Style craze isn’t dying out anytime soon, especially here in Korea.  Instead of making another parody, which requires a team of dancers, I thought I would animate one in After Effects, tracking each major joint frame-by-frame, much like motion capture.  It took a long time, but the result is interesting.

Technical note:  Plexus plugin was used.  The first frame is a reference frame, showing each dot’s relationship with surrounding dots.