Driftwood “Drewnet” and “Apacalypse Now” patch for GH2

The camera manufacturers are pumping out new models like there is no tomorrow.  They hype, bloggers write about the hype, and then we buy into all the hype.
Fortunately, I shoot with GH2, where new patches are written often, shared then tested by within the community of dedicated GH2 users.  With proper software installed, it rivals other camera models costing 2-20 times more.
One of the latest hack is by Driftwood, with a code name “Drewnet.”  The enhanced detail is amazing, especially in the shadow area.
Below is a sample of color grading done to the solid slightly-underexposed footage.  Some of the clips even look HDR!


The latest hack by Driftwood is called “Apocalypse Now” which softens the look a bit, which is great for Panasonic lens like my 20mm Lumix pancake lens.

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