Beautiful people and vivid colors

The forecast was bright and sunny and I wanted the video to reflect that, just like the movies in the 80’s shot with vivid film. The new GH2 patch “Apocalypse Now” 444 did not disappoint. It captures all the details and colors I need to enhance it in post, pushing the colors and levels as far as I need to.
This is the brightest and cleanest video I have ever shot with GH2. Having fun beautiful people definitely made the video more vibrant.
We’ll be taking off for Palestine within a month or so. I feel confident that I can capture the mood and people over there with this camera, after many months of fine-tuning it here in Korea.

Driftwood “Drewnet” and “Apacalypse Now” patch for GH2

The camera manufacturers are pumping out new models like there is no tomorrow.  They hype, bloggers write about the hype, and then we buy into all the hype.
Fortunately, I shoot with GH2, where new patches are written often, shared then tested by within the community of dedicated GH2 users.  With proper software installed, it rivals other camera models costing 2-20 times more.
One of the latest hack is by Driftwood, with a code name “Drewnet.”  The enhanced detail is amazing, especially in the shadow area.
Below is a sample of color grading done to the solid slightly-underexposed footage.  Some of the clips even look HDR!


The latest hack by Driftwood is called “Apocalypse Now” which softens the look a bit, which is great for Panasonic lens like my 20mm Lumix pancake lens.

Deukjeuk Island & Incheon Fish Market

We were supposed to take off for Palestine/Israel a few days ago but ran into a visa glitch. We are “stuck” in Korea for another month or so until it gets straightened away. In a meanwhile, we visited Mr. and Mrs. Suh whom I have not seen for over 35 years. They live at Duekjuek Island, about an hour from Incheon via a fast ferry boat. They retired years ago, after 1600 kids got adopted through them, including my sister Jan and me.
We also visited Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon, which is the biggest of its kind in the region. Fresh sushi is always on the menu. Everything we ate was alive just minutes before. Heck, the baby octopus was still wiggling when we put the tentacles in our mouths! I didn’t really care for it sucking on my lips/tongue/inner cheeks. 🙂

Technical note — I use “Smooth” Profile (-2, -2, 0, -2) for almost all GH2 shots. I believe it gives the widest possible dynamic range for intended color grading. However, it tends to cast yellowish tint, which I compensate by boosting the red in the midrange while darkening the shadow a bit by boosting green/blue slightly. Highlights are adjusted accordingly to peak at 100%.

Colorista II is used for most of grading. Below if the before/after split screen shots of how a simple color grading was performed to get the results above.