Lee’s Family Farm in Korea

We were dropped off in a middle of a small farming village for FO. We were to be picked up next morning.
We started a conversation with a nice family. Before we knew it, we were talking, laughing, eating. They were kind enough to let us stay overnight. I always wanted to see a Korean farm close-up, and here was a perfect opportunity that presented itself in the middle of South Korea.

Lee’s Family Fruitfarm in South Korea, shot with Panasonic Lumix GH2 from Bill Voelker on Vimeo.


3 comments on “Lee’s Family Farm in Korea

  1. Thank you visiting my house even though it is far away from the city. To speak frankly, you can only enjoy the real korea life like these places. Every villiagans are simple and innocent. They are angels themselves. Come and enjoy korea if you want.

  2. Hi Bill!
    I am a student from the glasgow school of arts and i would love to visit this family and their farm to do some filming too. may i know if you have their contacts? thanks so much!

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