Worldly possession

Our life-changing journey starts now, by selling everything we have, other than a few suitcaseful of clothes and camera equipment.  We are going to depend on God for everything, day by day, week after week, just as the 11 disciples did in Acts.
The garage sale was a success.  We pretty much sold EVERYTHING in two days — Wow!


No more skunk

Jonathan and I are getting much better at fishing nowadays. We just needed to upgrade our equipment and technique. Of course, fishing at the right time (early mornings) and the right place (where everybody else catches fish) definitely helps!
The original footage was pretty messed up, with ND filter turned up too high and the white balance set for indoors. I took the color correction to the next level, but at an expense of increasing noise. It still didn’t turn out too bad though.
I really need to take the camera out more, not being so concerned about dropping it in the lake.

Second retirement from skydiving

I sold all my skydiving stuff today, retiring from it for the second time.  It was a good ride, making new friends, flying supersonic canopies and discovering near-film quality shooting/editing.  I will miss the thrill somehow, but the new adventure has begun.  This website will continue, obviously not about skydiving anymore, but to wherever it takes me.  It will be about people mostly, and about their souls, about changes and about the truth.