Tying a fishing knot in one second

A typical still fishing setup for trouts requires tying 3 knots. I dread tying them because it’s tedious and time consuming, especially with thin lines. I did a little research and found that Davy knot is fast and easy, perfect for an impatient person like me. The problem is that most of the videos on Youtube suck in quality, both in video and sound, so I decide to make my own! I really wanted to test the 88Mbit hack in ISO 160 anyway. As expected, the video turned out great and the sound from Rode was boomy and crisp. I enhanced the bass a bit and color graded slightly with Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista.


2 comments on “Tying a fishing knot in one second

    • Thanks for pointing it out, Mike. I guess Youtube gets blocked in some countries when copyrighted music is used. 😦 Anyway, I put another video on top of the list. It should work now. Good day! 🙂

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