Merry Christmas family video with 42Mbp hacked GH2 and Lumix 20mm f1.7

The hack to increase the image quality for GH2 has been out for awhile. I was hesitant to install it since I thought would be a daunting task, which turned out to be unfounded.
The whole process takes merely minutes, and the quality is noticeably better than before the hack.
I really wanted to shoot something with this “new” toy, so I brought it to the Christmas Light tour, just to see how well it performed under such unusual condition. Wow, I was impressed. It cleans out the blobby noise in blacks and the footage looks crisp like finely scanned film.
20mm pancake lens is definitely worth its money, shooting it wide open at 1.7. I adjusted the ISO accordingly, as high as 1200 on some shots.
It was going to be a simple test shoot, but I got enough footage to make a little video Christmas Card out of the deal.
I was very satisfied with the color rendition, even without any color correction. I hope it shoots as well under the daylight. I am sure I don’t have to wait too long.