More 20mm f1.7 stuff

Did I already mention that I love the new Lumix 20mm lens? Yup, I think I already have. I was sitting around the ‘campfire’ at the dropzone, sipping a couple of beers with friends after a nice day of skydiving. They were talking about this puppy that needs to be adopted. I often have the GH2 with me because it’s small, and just in case I can get some spontaneous shots, such as this one. That’s the thing about DSLR videography — I do not need an elaborate setup. I just carry it like a compact camera, and it shoots near film quality video of ‘real’ moments without script.
After a year of experimenting, I am finally getting film quality look to the videos I shoot. This camera/lens combination takes me there. Color correction took very little time in this piece. I am either getting much better at it or it’s really easy to achieve out of GH2.


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