More 20mm f1.7 stuff

Did I already mention that I love the new Lumix 20mm lens? Yup, I think I already have. I was sitting around the ‘campfire’ at the dropzone, sipping a couple of beers with friends after a nice day of skydiving. They were talking about this puppy that needs to be adopted. I often have the GH2 with me because it’s small, and just in case I can get some spontaneous shots, such as this one. That’s the thing about DSLR videography — I do not need an elaborate setup. I just carry it like a compact camera, and it shoots near film quality video of ‘real’ moments without script.
After a year of experimenting, I am finally getting film quality look to the videos I shoot. This camera/lens combination takes me there. Color correction took very little time in this piece. I am either getting much better at it or it’s really easy to achieve out of GH2.

Shallow DOP with Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens

In overall, I am happy with GH2. However, I am hesitant to use it indoors since it’s not very fast. Canon, in Super Flat mode and graded afterward, gives rich “Canon” look, along with shallow DOF that is very cinematic. I’ve trying my hardest to utilize the 14-42mm kit lens for almost everything, but it just does not have the shallow DOF that is required for certain shots, so I bit the bullet and got a Lumix 20mm f1.7. “Wow” is all I am going to say for now. It is super sharp lens with desired shallow DOF I was looking for. It just might become a lens I use for most of the ground shots from now on. I am pleased with this video. It doesn’t tell much of a story, but the images are crisp and colors are rich.
To mimic the Canon further, I enhanced the indoor footage by darkening the shadow a bit with blue, and enhanced the mid-range with a bit of red. Highlights were touched up a bit, if necessary, with red/yellow.
I was bit intimidated with Colorista at first, but it’s a tool I use on every video footage.
To appreciate the sharpness of this lens, please see the video below in 1080p mode.

Open Beauty

There was a scene in the movie “American Beauty,” of a young man, of him showing his girlfriend some footage of an ordinary bag twirling in the air, caught in a whirlpool of wind, never touching the ground. Everything about it was ordinary, yet it was powerfully beautiful. We do not need to travel to exotic locations to appreciate beauty. It is with us everywhere. Like the character in the movie, I just drown in it sometimes.
Take a parachute opening for example. I have seen it thousands of times, and so have millions of other skydivers. I slowed the footage down, and magical thing happened. It reminded of a delicate flower shell in stop motion, shouting to the world, wanting to fly. I utilize whatever is around me, because there is insane amount of beauty, everywhere. I am grateful for being able to capture some of it, forever.