Yuri, an excellent freefall cameraman at Lodi

I am an old school skydiver, feeling most comfortable falling towards the earth belly first. I’ve been struggling with back and sit flying, something the ‘kids’ are really good at nowadays. My pink camera suit is cut for traditional flying, making me think that it’s not possible to fly on my back or sitfly with it. I challenged Yuri to see if he can do exactly that, and that’s how this video got started. After a couple of dives of watching/video’ing him sitfly, I had enough footage for a nice little story what he and many other cameramen do at Lodi, many times a day. As usual, it’s very short, because I only edit when I get inspired, and it usually lasts only a few hours at a time. The entire shoot was taken with GH2. Freefall footage was shot in 720P 60 fps.

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