Uprising and inspiration

I shot this skydiving footage about a week ago but it sat in my computer because I just didn’t have any editing inspiration. I am pretty weak at creating music, so I usually “borrow” them from the internet. It’s wrong, but heck, I don’t make any money from it. I know, I know.. that’s what everybody says.
Anyway, after searching high and low, I just could not find a piece that fit this group. I wanted something that was upbeat. Just for the sake of googling, I typed in the key word “uprising,” which is the name of the skydiving team group, and voila! I could not believe it — perfect song called “Uprising” by Muse!
I used Canon T2i for indoor footage with 50mm 1.8, opening up the lens all the way. GH2 was used for the skydiving footage. I experimented with color grading, making outdoor shots warm, matching the indoor shots. In overall, I am pretty satisfied with results. I don’t think I can shoot video and edit for living. I only like it when I am inspired. I dislike the idea of doing something I enjoy because I HAVE to.


5 comments on “Uprising and inspiration

  1. I just did my first all-DSLR wedding (in my last one we still had a couple of “traditional” video cameras), 5dmkII, 60D and a few hacked GH1s. We’ve had issues with the Sandisk extreme class 10 SDHC cards keeping up with the data (and the hack was the middle of the road hack, not the 100bmbits one) but the Transcends Class 10 surprisingly had no problem. I have a question for you, I see in this shot you have the GH1 and the GoPro camera side by side. What kind of bracket are you using?

    • You must be referring to my profile picture. I am using a GoPro tripod mount on a cheap bracket. The other camera is Canon T2i, which is mounted on Really Right Stuff L-braket. I really want to order another RRS L-bracket, but it costs around $130!

  2. What I’d like to try to do, (I said “try”) is to see if I can mount two GH1s side by side on a shoulder mounted rig. One with a wide lens and one with a longer lens.

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