Herb, the pin striping master

I am going to shoot a documentary someday, but I need to work out all the glitches before that.
Herb is a world-renowned pinstripe artist who lives only a couple of miles from me. He travels all over the world, giving workshops and freelancing. I thought it would be interesting to shoot him of how he does what he does.
I believe in minimum gear, therefore I use whatever light is available to me. Unfortunately, he had flicking fluorescent lights at the shop. I just hoped that 1/50 shutter speed was slow enough to hide that. It kinda did. Flickering cannot be seen during regular playback, but when using fast forward, there definitely is some kind of weird rolling flicker.
I had a chance to use the $79 Igus slider with $24 foldable adjustable sawhorse. They worked better than I expected. To get a smooth sliding motion, I simply pulled the apparatus with a rubber band. I don’t think I need to build a motor control after all, for general use.
Rode shotgun mike was used for the interview. It sounded a bit hollow, due to the distance from the camera to the subject. I need to build a boom pole for next time. Also, the microphone picked in some kind of buzzing sound in the background, probably from the lighting. I tried to filter it out during post, but was not very successful since I don’t know much about audio processing.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the footage. The video quality of GH2 is amazing. My color grading for this beast is getting better. With more practice, I think I will get it licked and make it look rich like I was able to get with T2i.


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