Computar 12.5mm for skydiving

I had high hopes for the cheap Computar 12.5mm when I took it up to the sky. The plan was to take a video in its native state (25mm full frame equivalent) and crop it in 2.40:1 cinematic mode during post to get rid of the vignetting.
I knew the lens was not real sharp compare to the kit lens, but it produced very filmy looking footage on previous tests, so I expected it to perform accordingly. When the footage was loaded into FCP, I was pretty disappointed. The image looked somewhat filmy but just didn’t have enough details to make it pop, like it was for last week’s footage. Also, there was a blue light streak/blob in the middle when shooting against the light. This, however, might to due to the bad glass since I bought the used, pulled off some video equipment.
In conclusion, I will not be using this lens for skydiving and use it once in awhile in a very low light situation when I really need f1.2


3 comments on “Computar 12.5mm for skydiving

  1. Since this lens has heavy vignetting, I had to zoom in a little during post. I create a 1920×816 mask with a hole in the middle and placed it as a top layer, simulating a cropped 2.40:1 widescreen.

  2. I never use zoom mode for c-mount lenses. I find cropping it in post means losing less images. It seems the 12.5mm doesn’t vignette as heavily as other fast lenses like my Fujinon 12.5-75 f1.2. I know these lenses also flare badly so definitely need a filter of some sort. Nice work though!

    • Panasonic GH2 has such a good resolution that even when zoomed in a cropped during post, it still looks sharper than Canon. I will have to look into Fujinon. Thanks for the tip!

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