Finally got to jump the GH2!

As soon as the church service was over, I ran outside to check the sky. I have not been able to get out to the Parachute Center, AKA Lodi, for a couple of months due to weathered out Sundays, my day of ‘rest.’
It was iffy, but I decided to head out anyway because I could not bare waiting any longer.
I have had a Panasonic GH2 for about a month and have been very anxious to jump it to see how it performs on freefall.
It was a good call, driving out. We only got 7500’ on my first jump, but full altitude on the second. The clouds made spectacular background.
GH2 performed well. The built-in stabilization kicked in, smoothing out the video a bit. I still had to use the FCP Smoothcam to make it silky smooth. The resolution is noticeably higher than T2i. The video looked quite sharp even if I had to zoom in a bit during post.
The footage color graded nicely. The kit lens looked crisp during freefall, almost TOO much. I will try the lower quality Computar lens next time to see if I can get more filmy look.
Overall, I am very happy with GH2. It’s much better than T2i for freefall videography. It’s smaller, sharper and has more features for what I do. The two biggest features I find is very useful are,
(1) Being able to look through the viewfinder or in a Liveview mode.
(2) Being able to manual focus quickly by zooming in 10x with one button.
Oh.. this just might be the first freefall footage ever taken with GH2!

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